2nd Place Global Impact Award Winner 2017

Clarity, Compassion & Commitment


Zander is the founder of Stryv, a personal development platform of software, training and coaching that has helped over 11,000 people take control of their lives in it’s first year of operating. Through the company's charitable giving Zander was the 2nd Place Award Winner of the B1G1 Global Impact Awards for 2017 and is currently in #1 place for the 2018 award out of 2000 businesses world wide. To date Stryv has contributed over 1.3 million days access to clean water, over 340,000 meals to school children and many other incredible initiatives. 

Zander’s passion for personal development came from some extremely traumatic childhood experiences, which caused a hunger to live life to the fullest but with balance. This is what his company Stryv is helping others to do. He believes when more people achieve what they want they are then open to ask even deeper questions of themselves and their own development, which can lead to a more compassionate and loving world. 

Zander has coached Global Executives as well Olympic Athletes and Coaches since the age of twenty-three. He also spent three years as Head of Online Development for a world leading development company, creating apps and training programmes for the largest organisations in the world.

The members (StryvXers) of his new programme StryvX, which uses the science of vertical development, have achieved incredible results of losing 14 lbs, doubling their income, landing their first clients, 10Xing productivity in just a few short weeks. Entrepreneurs and coaches are saying it’s the best personal development programme they have seen in their +30 years of been in the industry.